Corporate Social Responsibility

RBM believes in social responsibility. That is why we are involved in a number of projects. That have to do with building, because we now know once.

RBM as sponsor at SHIB

One of our employees, Koen de Mare, takes part in a project trip to build a construction project in South Africa with other youngsters in the summer months. SHIB organizes project trips to South Africa and, among other activities, participates in schools, crèches or hupverlenings centre.
Koen will be working on building a crèche. By taking pictures he will keep us informed of the work and the final result.

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  • Day Mexico



Foundation Home Plan is in Latin America and southern Africa on location prefabricated houses, which is put together by volunteers. That appeals to us. Roll up your sleeves, and know exactly where your time and money is going. RBM: travel every year with about 20 colleagues to Mexico City, where in three days time twenty houses are put down in the slums on the outskirts of the metropolis. On site help the families who come to live in the houses. So we know exactly who we are building.

Uma Sari

Uma Sari Foundation realizes accommodation for volunteers in Tianyar on Bali, Indonesia. Tianyar is distant in the North of the island. Volunteers can find there little or no housing, whereby they tend to go to other locations. Help of volunteers, however, is sorely needed in relation to the reception and guidance of the orphan-and otherwise disadvantaged children by Tianyar. UMA Sari aims to increase the flow of volunteers to the village. RBM help the accommodation.