the power of a sustainable collective

Innovative circular construction and design specialists

Under the direction of Retail Bouw Management, a large number of leading companies that have combined their expertise are working with one common goal: 100% circular construction in Retail. Innovative processes that are demonstrably sustainable and not only environmentally friendly, but also lucrative for the client.
Each company with its own discipline is a link in the process. From demolition to completion.

Building management, energy transition, refrigeration, climate control, floor tiles: you can’t think of a better, sustainable solution. Circular builders are not only thinking of quick and effective ways to use resources wisely, but are also looking beyond the horizon. Not for nothing is our slogan: A BETTER CIRCULAR WORLD. Want to learn more about circular building or join our collective? Then email or call the number below and we’ll engage in a conversation about how we, too, can lead the way to a better world with you.

Retail Bouw Management, booster and coordinator of CIP. Construction management pur sang, but with an eye on a sustainable and circular future. Building a better world!

Sustainable building starts from the (tile) floor up. TGLS innovates, supplies and processes various circular flooring systems where the tiles are not bonded. Tiles are easy to replace, reuse or recycle.

Warmtebouw thinks beyond initial costs: total cost of ownership is also identified. Warmtebouw makes every effort to ensure that you can make the right choices in preparation for the future.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is one of the largest suppliers of highly efficient,
turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail sector. Our goal is to improve refrigeration through sustainable products and processes, and improve merchandising through technological innovation.

Spie engages with our clients to guide them through the energy transition and digital transformation. To get your project moving, words must become actions. We carry out everything as agreed, from A to Z. The Z of worry-free, safe and completely up to standard.

Fried van de Laar Group is a forerunner in the field of Circular Construction in the retail sector. Globalization, sustainable innovations and rapidly changing consumer behavior all create the frameworks of the building and retail sector of the future. With CIP, we can respond to that with a powerful collective.


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